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Traveling is an integral part of human life. Whether your trip is for leisure or business, the importance of protecting your luggage or certain valuable documents and other important items is always an essential part of a successful trip.

Even in spite of the pandemic and a lot of restrictions, traveling is still possible. Furthermore, it becomes increasingly affordable every year. In order to ensure that trips are not ruined by unpleasant moments associated with the loss of some luggage, equipment, and valuables, experienced travelers use seals and special locks for various purposes.

Generally, all travel security seals can be grouped into three categories:

  • tighteners (Strela Lux, Strela V2, Strela V3, Bankseal) and stickers (Barrier and Barrier N) are used for luggage, bags, backpacks, laptop cases, etc.;
  • tighteners (Strela Lux, Strela V2, Strela V3, Bankseal) and stickers (Barrier and Barrier N) are used for purchases;
  • stickers (Barrier and Barrier N) are used for rooms and safes.

The presence of seals on personal belongings warns potential intruders or the transportation company that will open your luggage of responsibility. For example, the transportation company will have at least to explain the reason for opening your luggage. Take care of your valuables well in advance.

Numbered plastic seal for luggage – protection for your valuable things during travel

Usually, people take only the most necessary items with them while traveling. After all, the amount of luggage you can take with you is not that large. Therefore, you can only take the most valuable and necessary things. But unfortunately, there’s a risk of thefts in airports and train stations. And if you are concerned about the safety of your luggage, you should take care of its protection. For this, you can buy numbered seals for tourism. With their help, you can visually determine any attempt to open the luggage. The seal itself is a monolith, which eliminates the possibility of substitution of its parts. That’s really a perfect solution for protecting your luggage.

Security seals for tourism by Clixar: huge range of products

«Clixar» offers customers a wide range of plastic seals for tourism that you can use to protect your belongings during travel. High quality and a large variety of options allows you to find the optimal solution for your needs. In our catalog you’ll find indicator seal models that can be used while traveling, such as:

  • «Strela Lux»;
  • «Strela: Black Prince»;
  • «Strela V3»;
  • «Strela V2»;
  • «Barrier-H»;
  • «Barrier»;
  • «Banksil».

The prices on our website are very affordable, so anyone who travels frequently can purchase a plastic seal by Clixar company. They are more than suitable not only for luggage protection, but also for safes and storage areas. We are 100% sure that you will find the best use security seals for tourism.

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