Products and marking

Clixar is a manufacturer of high-quality sealing products that combine reliability, modern design, the use of innovative materials, and advanced technology. Clixar products meet international standards of safety, quality, and environmental requirements.  All products produced by our company are certified. We offer our customers a sufficient range of seals for a wide range of different business sectors, as well as the public sector. Our developments enable us to offer customers security seals with advanced locking mechanisms, etc. Our approach to each offer and order is customized to the individual requirements of the customer.

Forensic examinations and tests conducted by laboratories of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and forensic expert centers have shown that it is impossible to open the seals produced by Clixar without visible damage. Due to multi-level protection against counterfeiting, the plant delivers seals of the highest level of reliability.


Clixar produces security tamper-evident seals of various types:

  • Tightening seals. Field of application — cash-in-transit bags, ATM cassettes, mail sacks, car awnings, tanks, containers, commercial equipment, premises, electric switchboard, appliance cases, suitcases, food products, and other items where no sealing rope is required and there are eyelets or holes that are located at close distance.

Material: polypropylene/polyethylene;

  • Latch seals. Field of application — facilities where the use of sealing rope is required, such as metering devices, premises, devices that undergo periodic metrological verification, containers, fire extinguishers, tanks, etc. 

Material: polycarbonate.

  • Rotary seals. Field of application — facilities where the use of sealing rope is required, such as meters, fire extinguishers, rooms, containers, safes, elements of ATMs or terminals, containers, fuel tanks, premises, tankers.

Material: polycarbonate.

  • Sticker Seals. Field of application — metering devices and meters, doors, safes, boxes, packages, and other items where the surfaces to be sealed adjoin.

Materials: paper, film, capsules with magnetic suspensions;

  • Clamps for faucets and pipes. Field of application — meters, pipelines and gas mains, water supply systems, boilers, etc.

Material: polycarbonate / polypropylene.

Regardless of the type and design of the seal, each unit has a unique marking. At Clixar, we use laser marking. It is applied through the thickness of the seal’s surface to ensure reliability, durability, and protection against harmful external impacts and counterfeiting. The image and lettering cannot be erased or removed without leaving visible traces of external interference.

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Depending on the area of use and purpose of the seals, we apply marking of varying complexity levels

Depending on the scope of use and purpose of seals, we carry out marking of different levels of complexity:

Text up to 20 characters (a symbol is a letter, number, punctuation marks, etc.), a graphically simple logo

Equivalent to price

Text over 20 characters, graphically complex logo

7% to the price

Color filled graphics. Also seals-puffs with a locking mechanism of a collet type of red color.

14% to the price

Applying barcodes, QR codes, etc.

21% to the price