Shipping and payment


We deliver all over the world.

In the Italian Republic, the Republic of Poland, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of  Uzbekistan,the Republic of  Kazakhstan, the Republic of Azerbaijan

Republic of Uganda, the Republic of Lithuania we have representatives, and you can get our products through them.

The cost of delivery is calculated individually, depending on the weight and volume of the cargo, the distance and the type of delivery.

Delivery time depends on the forwarder and the country of the consignee.

Leave your request on the website and the manager will contact you regarding your order.

Доставка по Украине


Способы оплаты

Payment to our bank account (you receive an invoice for payment)

Способы оплаты

Western Union /Moneygram transfers

Способы оплаты

Payment to debit card

Доставка по Украине


Purchase returns

All seals that do not have your individual symbols can be returned within 14 calendar days. All returned seals must be in the individual packaging in which they arrived. In the absence of the original packaging and (or) the use of seals, it is not possible to return them, because of seals’ disposability.

The buyer can return seals of good quality in case of non-compliance with expectations, only those that do not have your individual symbols!

The rest of the goods (with the exception of disposable seals) can also be returned within 14 calendar days only in original packaging that is not damaged.

Refunds for the returned goods are made after we receive a letter written in any form with the obligatory indication of payment details for a refund. The letter is sent to email [email protected]

Returns are at the expense of the customer. Other orders at the expense of the supplier.