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Twist Security Seals

The innovative twist seal was created specifically for energy companies looking to protect their meters from consumer tampering. This unique solution has increased reliability thanks to the special locking mechanism of the seal in the form of a rotor, which is inserted into a transparent case and fixes the cable for sealing.

The effectiveness of seal twist was so impressive that it quickly spread beyond the activities of energy companies. It began to be used for sealing containers, fuel tanks, safes, premises, etc. Order the best twist lock seal from CLIXAR to appreciate its perfect qualities and reliably protect your property and premises!

Types of Twist Security Seals and Their Characteristics

To restrict and control access to such objects as electrical cabinets, metering devices, sea and aviation containers, vans, etc., you can choose a twist seal. It uses a ratchet mechanism with a 2-blade rotor as the locking principle. The seal is easy to install, but it is impossible to open it without obvious signs of tampering. That is why you will always know if someone is trying to encroach on your property and space.

CLIXAR offers three types of twist seals with a transparent body, made of quality polycarbonate:

  • Lumiseal twist seal
  • Turbion twist seal
  • Twisteiro twist seal

All seals withstand temperature changes from -50 °C to +120 °С and comply with technical requirements and ISO 9001 and 17712 standards.

Benefits of Twist Security Seals from CLIXAR

  • We produce twist seals from innovative materials that glow in UV rays. Thanks to this, you can easily find the seal even in dimly lit rooms and check its condition.
  • Our clients highly appreciate the custom design of security seals. If you need to brand your seals, apply any special markings, or change their design in any other way, we are always ready to accommodate your wishes.
  • Twist seal has several layers of protection, which makes it ideal for sealing critical objects.
  • The polycarbonate from which the twist seals are made has increased strength and is insensitive to temperature changes. That is why you can be sure of its safety even in harsh weather conditions.

When Should You Use a Twist Seal?

The seal twist has a transparent body, which allows you to quickly determine whether someone tried to open it. That is why it is often used where it is necessary to check the operation of equipment and attempts by attackers to change readings or steal something. In particular, twist seals are widely used in the following cases:

  • Monitoring the integrity of gas, water, and electricity meters;
  • Guarding refinery and oil distribution sector;
  • Protecting scales from interference by unscrupulous sellers;
  • Monitoring the operation of pumps and valves, and much more.

The twist seal is ideal for hard-to-reach objects and those with a small eyelet. Therefore, it can be used even in circumstances where other seals would be difficult to apply.

Reliable twist security seals from CLIXAR comply with all international standards. Therefore, you can buy and use them in any region of the world. Fast shipment and delivery of goods guarantees that you will receive security indicator seals exactly on time and in any quantity. Order twist seals at a competitive price on CLIXAR and be sure of the safety of all your objects!