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Meter Seals

Correct accounting of consumed utilities is a real challenge for water, gas, and electricity suppliers. Among the many decent consumers, some try to open meters, influence them with a magnet, install illegal tie-ins and jumpers in pipes to direct utilities past the meter, and come up with many other ways to deceive utility companies. But all these attempts will be in vain if you use unique meter seals from CLIXAR. Thanks to their unique design, you will always know that the seal has been broken and can take appropriate measures.

Types of Water Meter Security Seals You May Need

We offer you the most effective water meter seals that will protect your revenues from unscrupulous consumers.

  • The PGS locking device is designed to prevent the theft of gas or water by sealing the cap nuts. The PGS is used in conjunction with a rotor seal or latch, which contains a serial number and ensures that an attacker cannot replace it.
  • The PGK faucet lock is designed to restrict access to valves that regulate the supply of gas and water. By using it with a security indicator seal, you get double protection of the utility from unauthorized access.

All products are certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and 17712 standards. CLIXAR meter seals are made from high-quality polycarbonate or polypropylene, which has high performance characteristics and can withstand high mechanical pressure or extreme temperatures. That is why you can use them in any condition. And even if you sealed your equipment a long time ago, it retains all its protective qualities.

Advantages of Water and Gas Meter Seals from CLIXAR

  • Gas and water meter security seals are manufactured by CLIXAR based on modern technology and design.
  • We use quality control at all stages of production, which guarantees 100% product efficiency.
    You can order a custom design of products, choose a color, apply a brand logo, special markings, etc.
  • The operating temperature of indicative seals ranges from -50 °C to +120 °С and allows them to be used in any region of the world.
  • CLIXAR meter seals are low cost and available in any quantity, thanks to which you can protect your utility supply revenues with a small investment in security seals.
  • The simple installation of gas and water meter security seals guarantees a high speed of completion of this operation by any employee.
  • Locking devices are available for nuts of different heights and diameters and are compatible with new modern types of valves or taps.

When to Use Meter Seals

Energy and utility companies use meter seals to monitor utility consumption. Additional locking devices are needed to eliminate more advanced methods of stealing water or gas by bypassing the meter. An intact seal and locking mechanism is reliable tamper evidence that no one tried to illegally influence the utility supply system for their benefit. Installing such seals creates the basis for consumer confidence and eliminates utility leaks that negatively impact company revenues.

We deliver gas and water meter security seals worldwide. With their help, you will protect the company’s revenues from the sale of utilities to the public, enterprises, and organizations. Order reliable meter seals at a low price and increase the efficiency of your company’s income management!