Clixar is a manufacturer of high-tech security seals that have been used by leading Ukrainian and global companies for more than 20 years. We create security tamper-evident seals using the best plastic by Samsung and steel grades of the highest quality. Through the use of fluorescent materials, partial manual assembly, and the application of security laser markings, the Clixar team creates a product that is unparalleled in the market.

We take great care to ensure that technical requirements and international standards are met at every stage of production — from the procurement of raw materials, molding of seals, through assembly, labeling, packaging, to the inspection of the finished products by the Quality Assurance Department. We conduct technical quality control of manufactured products at each stage of production.

The plant is located in Odessa, a unique logistics hub in the center of Europe. So we promptly arrange the delivery of products to our customers. Clixar seals are a synergy of the best global and proprietary production technologies, which makes it possible to produce more than 1 billion seals annually.

Buying seals from the manufacturer always guarantees high-quality products and the most competitive price per unit.

The quality of Clixar seals is monitored by Clixar Lab experts. For more than 20 years, day in and day out, we have been focusing on improving the safety and reliability of our seals. That’s the reason we arranged our own laboratory. This is the place where we study how our products behave under different conditions and various impacts. Our experts are highly qualified and have a wealth of knowledge about the materials that the seals are made of. We know exactly how temperature, tension, pressure, and magnetic fields affect seals. It is because of our in-depth expertise and experience that we produce unique, top-quality sealing products today.

Another important area of the laboratory’s activities is to conduct expert examinations of possible tampering or damage to seals. Our experts will unmistakably identify such actions and help to protect your items afterward. Conclusions by Clixar laboratory experts’ regarding the quality of seals, attempts to affect them in practice are accepted by the courts as they trust the opinion of manufacturers with an excellent reputation.

In 2019 — 2021, Clixar built a new plant with greater capacity in Odessa. This is because the company has long gone beyond just the Ukrainian market and supplies products to more than 70 countries around the world.

Today Clixar is the name, brand, and reputation of a reliable manufacturer of top-quality security seals for different types of facilities, goods, and services. We are trusted with the most valuable things, and we do our best to ensure that each client has confidence in the quality of our products. 

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