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Plastic Seals

A plastic security seal is a reliable visual indicator that someone has tried to open a sealed item or enter a prohibited area. Plastic seals will help protect your property in many cases:

  • Transportation of goods and luggage;
  • Emergency exits;
  • Electricity and gas meters;
  • Retail;
  • Storage and much more.

Such a seal cannot be opened without visible violations. Hence, you will always be aware of whether anyone has encroached on your property.

Main Characteristics of High-Performance Plastic Seals

CLIXAR produces plastic safety seals from durable materials, which guarantees reliability and long service life of the seal. They are resistant to atmospheric influences and can be used in open spaces without the risk of becoming unusable.

Plastic seals are made from high-quality polypropylene, polycarbonate. The use of these materials in the production of seals ensures chemical and thermal resistance, easy cleaning, and high wear resistance. Such materials can be used in a wide temperature range from -50 ℃ to +120 ℃.

Depending on the purpose of using a plastic security seal, you can choose an item in a wide color palette:

  • Yellow
  • Crimson
  • Turquoise
  • Blue
  • Colorless
  • Pink
  • Orange and many other colors

The CLIXAR offers seals with different lock types:

  • Four-lobed spring steel metal collet;
  • Cast-lock with two-lobed collet;
  • Symmetrical dovetail, wedge;
  • Ratchet mechanism and others.

The seals are easily installed on any objects or doors and do not require additional tools to lock them.

Benefits of Security Solutions from Plastic Seal Manufacturer CLIXAR

CLIXAR produces security seals from high-performance plastics with improved consumer characteristics. By purchasing our products, you receive a quality guarantee, comprehensive service, and the opportunity to customize the product:

  • Ease of use of security ties plastic, which makes them applicable in any conditions;
  • Compliance of seals with international standards such as ISO 9001 and 17712 standards;
  • Reliability of use as high-security seals in various industries;
  • Consultation and support at all stages of using plastic safety seals;
  • Providing complete documentation, indicating the rules of operation of the product and quality certificates;
  • Use of innovative materials with UV glow effect;
  • Possibility of custom design of security seals to suit your needs;
  • Unlimited stock of goods available at any time for sale in large quantities.

Application of Plastic Safety Seals in Various Industries

  • Postal service: confidently send goods by post with controlled tamper-evident protection.
  • Transport and logistics: deliver batches of goods without the need to constantly account for each item.
  • Warehousing: seal boxes and bags in warehouses to ensure nothing is stolen.
  • Metering devices: protect your meter readings from intrusion.
  • Sealing of premises: ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter the sealed area.
  • Delivery: send your products securely by courier, ensuring they all reach your consumers.

Plastic security seals factory CLIXAR offers reliable solutions for monitoring the safety of products or protecting areas from unauthorized intrusion. Our plastic seals are suitable for use in a wide range of conditions because they withstand significant mechanical stress and temperature differences. We deliver our goods to any country in the world in the shortest possible time. Contact our consultant to discuss which type of plastic security seal will be most effective in your case. We guarantee the high performance of our products and attractive modern design.