• icon Self-locking spring steel lock mechanism
  • icon The cap of the lock has a glowing effect in UV rays
  • icon Extended working length
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color The tightening seal Arrow Lux is produced in the following colors: white, pink, turquoise, yellow, blue.


  • Seal type: Tightening seal Tightening seal
  • Material: Polypropylene Polypropylene
  • Temperature range of application: from –50°С to + 120°С from –50°С to + 120°С
  • Dimensions, mm 440×20,8×8,8 440×20,8×8,8
  • Tail diameter, mm: 2,4 2,4
  • Working length of the seal: 385 385
  • Lock type: Four-lobed spring steel metal collet Four-lobed spring steel metal collet

Arrow Lux is a tightening seal made of polypropylene. It features a tightener with a catch and a tail part; there is a locking mechanism with a protective cap between them. The catch of the seal is designed for convenient fastening, as well as displaying identifying information: unique number, logo, and other details. The operating length of the seal is 385 mm (15.16") 

Another degree of protection of Clixar seals is laser marking with a unique eight-digit number on the catch and cap. It is applied through the thickness of the surface of the seal, thus, it is impossible to erase the marking completely and apply a new number or replace the seal. We also provide the opportunity to apply your company logo, QR and bar codes, and other information on the seal catch. 

The locking mechanism is located between the catch and the tail and features a stainless spring steel metal collet that has 4 leaves. This design enables users to pull the tail of the seal in one direction only and securely fastens it in that position. This locking mechanism is impossible to open without traces as the collet leaves always return to their original position, and when you try to pull the tail of the seal back, they cut it off.  

The transparent cap provides additional protection to the collet and enables its integrity to be always monitored throughout the operation.

There are special tenons at the end of the catch on the backside that help secure the seal to the bags. 

Advantages of Arrow Lux tightening seal:

  • Self-locking spring steel locking mechanism
  • Lock cap features UV glow effect
  • Extended operating length
  • Patented product from the manufacturer

The seal is designed to provide protection against unauthorized access to the following objects:

  • containers
  • premises
  • packaging materials
  • vehicles
  • fuel tanks and etc. 

To secure the seal, it is necessary to insert the tail into the eyelets of the object to be sealed, pull it through the lock, and tighten until it stops.  

"Strela Lux" indicator seal is a reliable protection against unauthorized access

There are many types of plastic seals – one of the most popular ones is the pull-tight seal. It is a plastic strap with a locking mechanism. It allows the tail to pass through only in one direction. If someone tries to pull the tail out of the seal's body, it will rupture. Thanks to this feature, any attempt at unauthorized access will be immediately noticed, and you can quickly react to it.

The Strela Lux seal is a pull-tight seal, which is made of polypropylene. Its design consists of a pull-tight part with a flag and a tail. An individual number is placed on the flag that is not repeated on any other seal. This further increases the safety and security of the items that use the Strela Lux seal for protection.

The advantages of pull-tight seal "Strela Lux"

Pull-tight seals are small in size but very strong and reliable. The lock is located between the flag and the tail and is equipped with a stainless steel metal tang. Thanks to this feature of the design, the tail of the seal can be tightened in one position and fixed in place. Once this is done, the seal cannot be removed without leaving traces. The advantages of the Strela Lux seal include:

  • A self-locking stainless steel locking mechanism;
  • A UV-light glowing lock cap;
  • A working length of 385 mm.

The Strela Lux one-time numbered seal is suitable for use on various objects such as car doors, fuel tanks, cash bags, boxes, containers and other packaging.