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Do you know how much property misappropriation occurs in your area of activity?
When you heard about this, did you experience negative emotions!?
Have you thought about how to prevent this?

We have solutions just for you!

Security seals will protect you and you will reduce losses. The cost of a seal is several times, or even several thousand times less than the cost of the object being sealed. Is it worth it to save on security!?

A striking example is the sealing of the fuel tank, as well as the fuel system. The cost of 1 liter of fuel exceeds the cost of one seal
20 times, and if they steal fuel, then definitely not one liter. Is it worth it to save on security!?

Solution – fillings Strela, Strela Lux and rotary fillings (Lumisil+, Turbion)

Security seals are used for sealing any items.

The sealing process takes from 30 to 60 seconds.

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In the field of energy resources use:

  • Metering devices (Magnet antimagnetic seal, latch seals, rotary seals)
  • Electrical boards (seal stickers)
  • Substations, etc. (seals stickers)
  • Gas cylinders (Capsil, tightening seals)
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In the field of transportation:

  • Awning or car cover
  • Gas tank and fuel system
  • Door
  • Various containers and tanks
  • Wagons
  • Containers
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In the field of postal services and deliveries:

  • Postal bags
  • Post boxes
  • Delivery boxes
  • Various types of bags, boxes, containers, etc
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In banking institutions:

  • Vaults
  • Safes
  • Collection bags
  • Cassettes of ATMs, terminals
  • Storage and forwarding of bank cards and documents
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In the field of tourism

  • Baggage during flight, train or bus (instead of packaging film or in parallel with the film)
  • Hotel rooms and safes
  • Bags, cases, backpacks
  • Various sports equipment
  • Baby carriages and carts
  • Large items for transportation during travel
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  • Meat, ham, fish and others
  • Various products in a container
  • Cheeses and others
  • Bottles, etc
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In the field of online and retail trade:

  • Seals for clothes and shoes
  • Seals for bags, cases, suitcases
  • Packaging of various goods
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In other areas

  • Blockers for cranes
  • Donation boxes
  • Protection of cylinders, fire extinguishers
  • Polling stations
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