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Security Sealing Cable

Success in protecting objects and premises from unauthorized access depends not only on the high-quality indicative security seals you use. The type of wire you choose for rotary or latch seals also plays an essential role.

  • If you take an ordinary wire, the seal will easily slide along it, making the entire structure unreliable.
  • Sealing wires are made using a special technology by twisting or interweaving steel strands. Thanks to this, the seal will remain stable, and you can easily determine whether someone tried to break it.

Technical Characteristics of Sealing Cable from CLIXAR

We produce 4 types of security sealing cable, which will be useful for businesses, organizations, and individual users when sealing in factories, banks, households, and when transporting goods or storing goods in warehouses. A sealing cable is highly reliable and can withstand breaking forces of 45 kilograms.

  • All-purpose wire made of galvanized steel with polymer enclosure;
  • Stainless wire with polymer enclosure;
  • Reinforced monofilament;
  • Copper-plated wire with polymer enclosure.

The length of a coil of wire for any type is 50 meters. The number of steel strands in the cable varies from 2 to 7, and the cable diameter ranges from 0.54 mm to 0.98 mm.

Advantages of Sealing Wires from CLIXAR

  • We use innovative materials to produce high-quality security sealing cables. Thanks to this, our products are strong, durable, and resistant to various external influences, both natural and technical.
  • All types of sealing wires from CLIXAR undergo strict quality control to comply with ISO 9001 and 17712 standards. That is why you can use it for different purposes in any country, including international transportation.
  • Focusing on improving the safety of our clients, we provide free consultations on types of seals and select a suitable sealing cable from a variety of types. Call or write to us, and our consultants will give you advice on which type of wire sealing is best for you to choose.
  • We offer security sealing cable at a low price so that your costs for purchasing a cable in combination with different types of seals could be minimal.

When You Need a Reel of Wire from CLIXAR for Sealing

Steel sealing wire should be in stock for any businesses, organizations, or households that seek to protect their goods or premises from unauthorized access by intruders. Sealing wires are used in conjunction with different types of seals and cannot be replaced with rope or other improvised means. Therefore, the sealing cable will be useful to you in any high-security situations:

  • When sealing gas, water, and electricity meters in consumers’ homes or offices;
  • When transporting goods in any type of packing materials ― boxes, bags, containers, etc.;
  • When protecting van or truck doors when moving;
  • When sealing critical equipment in factories;
  • When protecting ATMs, customer safety deposit boxes and safes in banks, etc.

We deliver sealing cable anywhere in the world and in any quantity. We fulfill all orders immediately, regardless of whether you ordered one roll of wire or a whole batch of goods. Sealing wires from CLIXAR guarantee the high quality that will exceed all your expectations. Contact our consultants or order the product directly on the website, and we will offer you excellent sealing wire at the best price!