What does "numbered seal" mean? And how are they numbered?
Each seal is laser-marked. Such a marking at all times contains a unique number. It is never repeated, thus the seal can be quickly authenticated. In addition to the number, the seals can optionally feature a barcode, QR code, or other information with data that is important for the sender and recipient of the shipment. This way makes it possible to automate the accounting of seals and quickly enter the information into databases.
Are there any seals with the same number?
Clixar seals are protected by several levels of authenticity control and counterfeit detection: model, color, logo, number. All these features together enable the company to prevent the production of seals with the same number. The process of assigning a seal number is automated, which prevents duplication.
What are the advantages of numbered plastic seals over lead ones?
Unlike lead seals, numbered seals are marked with personalized information (company logo, barcode, etc.). This option protects sealed items from theft and unauthorized access, as well as eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting.
How are the seals installed?
All seals are installed manually. The procedure does not require any special knowledge or tools. In some cases, seals cannot be removed without special tools. For this purpose, scissors, side cutters, wire rope cutters are used.
Are the seals reliable? Can they be opened in an unnoticeable manner?
Clixar seals cannot be tampered in an unnoticeable manner. Even minor changes in design can easily be identified without special equipment. Moreover, most locking mechanisms have a security system that partially destroys the seal itself if there is a tampering attempt.
Are there any certificates for the seals manufactured?
All Clixar seals are duly certified and meet the requirements of international standards ISO 17712, ISO 9001, DSTU.
Is it possible to buy a small number of seals by retail?
For most types of seals, the quantity to be purchased should be multiples of 50 or 100 pieces. Or they can be purchased as a set. The minimum purchase amount is 200 USDT.
Is it possible to order seals with our logo?
Clixar offers the opportunity to add customer-specific information to the seals: company logo, barcode, QR-code, website, etc. Our experts will offer you layouts with placement options. These will help to avoid any attempts of counterfeiting. Production time varies from a few days to several weeks.
Is there free delivery?
If payment is confirmed by 1 pm, the order will be shipped the same business day provided that the relevant product is in stock. Delivery is made to any settlement of Ukraine where there is a representative office of the shipping carrier convenient for the customer. We will deliver the order either to the carrier's warehouse to the customer's door if agreed so.
warehouse to the customer's door if agreed so. What are the terms of payment?
We have provided all possible payment options. You can pay for your order using any convenient way: wire transfer to our bank account (based on the invoice issued), cash on delivery at the Nova Poshta (extra fee to pay to Nova Poshta + 2% of the transfer amount), the credit card of any bank, via liqpay system in the Shopping Cart, cash payment via a cash deposit machine, or cashless transfers.
Can the purchased products be returned?
All seals without a personalized corporate marking can be returned within 14 calendar days. According to the requirements of the Consumer Protection Law, the goods should be packed in item-specific packaging. If there is no original packaging and/or seals were used, the return is not possible. If you are not satisfied with the quality or condition of the product received, you may contact the Clixar Quality Department representatives and they will help select an alternative product according to your preferences.
Do marks burn out in the sun?
According to the technology used in the Clixar plan, the laser marking is applied through the thickness of the seal's surface, so it does not burn out or wear off. A multi-level anti-counterfeiting system guarantees the high-quality data marking of the seals.
Can the seal be torn by hand?
Yes, some seals can be removed without special tools. Clixar manufactures tamper-evident seals that are designed to inform the owner of a tampering attempt with intention of theft.
Do you provide a seal tampering detection service?
Yes, we do. Our company, as a manufacturer, conducts expert assessments and can provide you with an opinion on whether the seal has been tampered. Clixar has established the Clixar Lab, a dedicated laboratory, for this purpose.
Is your expert opinion on tampering admissible in a court?
The Clixar Lab experts' opinion cannot be considered equivalent to forensic findings, but as a seal manufacturer, we can issue an opinion that can be used in court.
How do I understand whether your seals are of good quality?
All seals are made of high-strength materials on modern equipment. They provide reliable protection of sealed objects and meet the requirements of international certificates - ISO 17712, ISO 9001, DSTU, etc.
Do your seals provide protection from unscrupulous personnel that installs the seal?
Our seals are supplied pre-installed so there is no possibility of impacting the integrity of their structure during transportation. Clixar seals have a special locking mechanism that prevents them from being disassembled without damage.
What type of rope is best for use with rotary seals to create its maximum strain?
A stainless steel rope in polymer or monofilament is used to create an effective strain when installing rotary seals.

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