• icon Special design for fastening on cash-in-transit bags
  • icon Self-locking lock mechanism
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color Tightening seal Bankseal tightening seal is produced in yellow and white colors


  • Seal type: Tightening seal Tightening seal
  • Material: Polyethylene Polyethylene
  • Dimensions,mm: 209×20 209×20
  • Tail diameter, mm: 3,2 3,2
  • Temperature range of application: from –50°С to +75°С from –50°С to +75°С
  • Lock type: cast lock with the principle of operation of a two-leaf collet cast lock with the principle of operation of a two-leaf collet


The tightening seal Bankseal is a monolithic polyethylene tightening seal that has a self-locking mechanism.  It was developed specifically for the banking sector, but it has also been successfully used for sealing a huge number of other items and facilities. 

The Bankseal consists of a catch, an internal locking mechanism, and a ribbed tail. The locking mechanism features the two-leaf collet, which allows the tail part of the seal to be pulled in one direction only and has no reverse movement. Thus, the lock does not allow pulling the tail part backward. To prevent the possibility of the seal replacement, an individual number is applied to its catch. The number is marked through the thickness of the coating by laser, thus the number cannot be erased or counterfeited.  In addition, the company logo, QR, and bar codes can be marked on the catch. 

Advantages of the tightening seal Bankseal:

  • Special design for attachment to cash-delivery bags 
  • Self-locking mechanism of the lock
  • Patented product from the manufacturer

Bankseal is used for:

  • cash-delivery bags
  • containers
  • premises
  • vehicles
  • fuel tanks, other packages
  • suitcases, briefcases, cases, bags, etc. 

The installation requires the tail of the seal to be pulled through the eyelets of the object, then insert it into the hole of the lock on the backside and tighten on the object to be sealed.

This tightening seal is used in banking, transportation of valuable goods, industry, agriculture, suitcases, and bags as well as many other items or facilities.

"Banksil" is an inexpensive and high-quality security seal

From the name itself, it can be understood that the "Banksil" security seal was created for banking and financial institutions. It is perfect for protecting objects from unauthorized access. Such as vaults, safes, bank cabinets, cash cassettes for cash collection, packages with confidential customer information, ATM and terminal components. Thanks to its reliability, low cost and simple construction, the "Banksil" seal is widely used today in many other industries, including various sectors of the economy, business and transportation. You can buy this plastic seal at a very favorable price on our website.

Numbered seal "Banksil" advantages

"Banksil" security seal is a universal tool and can be used in various industries and sectors. Its technical design allows for sealing any items where there are holes in two sealable elements of the construction.

It’s a monolithic locking seal with a self-locking lock mechanism. It consists of a flag, an internal locking mechanism and a ribbed tail. After its installation, the lock does not allow the tail part to be pulled back. Therefore, removing the seals without visual traces will be impossible.

"Banksil" security seal is so popular because of a number of important benefits:

  • Universality;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Low cost;
  • Special design for attachment to cash collection bags.

Plastic seals "Banksil" from the company Clixar is a reliable protection of important objects and things for any enterprise.