Arrow V3 seal (with stickers)

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  • icon Self-locking spring-loaded locking mechanism
  • icon Lock cap with UV glow effect
  • icon Extended working length
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color The seal Arrow V3 is produced in the following colors: white, pink, turquoise, yellow, blue.


  • Seal type: Tightening seal Tightening seal
  • Material: Polypropylene Polypropylene
  • Operation temperature: -50°C / +120°C -50°C / +120°C
  • Dimensions, mm 440×20,8×8,8 440×20,8×8,8
  • Tail diameter, mm: 2,4 2,4
  • Working length of the seal, mm 385 385
  • Lock type: Collet of unique design made of stainless steel Collet of unique design made of stainless steel


The Arrow V3 tamper-evident polypropylene tightening seal. The structure of the seal features a catch, a locking mechanism, and a tail part. The locking mechanism is equipped with a collet of unique design made
of stainless steel. The operating length of the seal is 385 mm (15.16"). 
Seal is produced with labels on the back side

The locking mechanism features the leaves of the collet that are pointed in one direction, thus blocking the reversal movement of the seal tail, and preventing its opening unnoticed. If anyone tries to open the seal and pull out the tail - the lock cuts the tail off and the seal can not be restored.

A transparent cap is placed on top of the collet, which protects it from external damage and makes it possible to check its integrity at any time. The cap also glows under the UV light, which makes it easier to detect the seal or check it in poor light or darkness by using a special UV flashlight.

The catch of the Arrow V3 tamper-evident seal is marked with a unique customized number. It cannot be erased without visible traces because it is applied through the thickness of the seal's surface by laser.  Your logo, QR, and barcode can also be marked by laser for additional identification. 

Advantages of the Arrow V3 tightening seal: 

  • Self-locking stainless steel locking mechanism
  • Lock cap with UV glow effect
  • Patented product from the manufacturer
  • Extended operating length

Arrow V3 by Clixar is designed to ensure protection from unauthorized access to the following objects: 

  • premises
  • vehicles
  • containers
  • cash-delivery bags
  • gas stations
  • fuel tanks, etc.

To install the tightening seal, it is required to pull the tail part through the eyelets of the object to be sealed and insert it into the hole of the locking mechanism on the backside of the catch.

The tamper-evident seal Arrow V3 is widely used in transportation, banking, agriculture, and other industries.