PGK fauset lock

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  • icon Suitable for new crane types
  • icon Operating temperature from - 50 ⁰С to +120 ⁰С
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color PGK is produced in yellow and green.

Insert color PGK is produced in the following sizes: 15, 20, 25, 32 and 40.


  • Device type: Blocker Blocker
  • Material: Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 168х48х24 168х48х24
  • The diameter of the inserted pipe, mm: 26 26
  • Diameter of filling holes, mm: 3 3
  • Temperature range of application: from –50°С to + 120°С from –50°С to + 120°С


PGK is a valve locking device made of polycarbonate and used to restrict access to the valves of taps supplying gas or water.

The product consists of two parts that are installed on the tap. To attach the locking device, it is required to put the sealing rope through the special holes on the locking device. The process should be completed by installation of a rotary or latch seal which is securely fastened with a cable to the blocker and also prevents the chance to remove the locking device without any visible signs of damage to the seal. 

The is used to restrict access to the valves both in residential houses and at industrial sites. And the seal enables you to check whether there was an attempt to open the locking device with the intention to steal gas or water.

Advantages of the valve locking device PGK:

  • It is compatible with new types of taps and valves  
  • Operating temperature: - 50°C to +120°C
  • Patented product from the manufacturer

The valve locking device PGK is widely used in many industries and for household purposes where it is necessary to control the consumption of gas and water. The scope of application can include industrial enterprises, shops, housing and utility infrastructure.