Turbion twist seal

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  • icon Solution for hard-to-reach objects
  • icon Operating temperature from - 50 ⁰С to +120 ⁰С
  • icon Rotor recessed into body for extra protection
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color Turbion filling is produced in the following colors: Yellow case and pink insert Colorless case and pink insert Yellow housing and yellow insert Milk body and yellow insert

Insert color Turbion filling is produced in the following colors: Yellow case and pink insert Colorless case and pink insert Yellow housing and yellow insert Milk body and yellow insert


  • Seal type: Twist Twist
  • Material: Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
  • Temperature range of application: from -50°С to + 120°С from -50°С to + 120°С
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 31,5х32,7х30 31,5х32,7х30
  • Diameter of holes, mm: 1,2 1,2
  • Seal diameter, mm: 18,9 18,9


The twist seal Turbion is a seal made of polycarbonate. It has two pre-installed parts: a case and a rotor.

The transparent (sometimes semi-transparent) case reliably protects the internal locking mechanism and helps to monitor its integrity. The internal rotor consists of 4 leaves that allow to rotate it only clockwise. This means that it is impossible to open or remove the seal without destroying the rotor, which warns the intruders of unavoidable and obvious signs of external interference. 

As an added security, the case catch and rotor are marked with the same unique number. This eliminates the possibility to replace the seal or some of its parts with another. Also, your logo, QR and bar codes, and other information can be laser marked on the case catch. All markings are lasered through the thickness of the surface making it impossible to erase them and apply another marking without visible damage.

Advantages of the twist seal Turbion:

  • Perfect solution for hard-to-reach facilities
  • Operating temperature: - 50 ⁰С to +120 ⁰С 
  • The rotor is recessed in the case for extra protection
  • Patented product from the manufacturer 

The twist seal Turbion can be used for:

  • metering devices (meters)
  • telecommunication cabinets, safes
  • gate systems
  • shipping containers and other packages
  • vehicles
  • premises, etc.

To install the Turbion seal on an object, it is required to pull the sealing rope through the hole on one side, wrap the wire around the object, and then pull the rope through the hole on the other side of the seal. The twist seal must then be tightened and the catch on the rotor must be broken off. The last requirement is extremely important because it is a guarantee that the rotor cannot be pulled out of the case without visible signs of tampering. 

The Turbion twist seal is used in banking, agriculture, logistics, and other industries, for household purposes, as well as for the control of meters, etc. 

"Turboion" indicator seal by Clixar – High Quality and Reliability

"Turboion" rotor seal is designed for sealing objects that require tensioning of the sealing wire. It is most commonly used for meters, distribution cabinets, sensors, containers and various tanks, premises, containers and automobiles. It’s a rotary-type security seal. Also these devices function together with twisted wire.

"Turboion" seal has a unique number that is never repeated. It is applied to both the flag and the rotor, which eliminates the possibility of attempting to replace the seal or any of its parts with another. The seal has excellent characteristics and protection against tampering and it is very easy to install.

"Turboion" rotor seal advantages

"Turboion" rotor seal is structurally composed of two parts: a body and a rotor. Its body is made of transparent polycarbonate. You can visually control the integrity of the internal locking mechanism. The internal rotor can only be twisted clockwise, which means that intruders cannot open or remove the seal without destroying the rotor.

Benefits of the "Turboion" Indicator Seal:

  • High degree of protection;
  • Ability to install with sealing wire;
  • Easy to install;
  • Operating temperature from -50°C to +120°C.

Buying this type of rotor seal to protect hard-to-reach objects is a very successful solution. Clixar is ready to offer you favorable prices and guarantee 100% high-quality goods!