Lumiseal twist seal

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  • icon Solution for hard-to-reach objects
  • icon Has a glowing effect in UV rays
  • icon Rotor recessed into body for extra protection
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color Lumisil filling is produced in the following colors: Yellow case and pink insert Yellow housing and yellow insert Colorless case and pink insert Milk body and yellow insert

Insert color Lumisil filling is produced in the following colors: Yellow case and pink insert Yellow housing and yellow insert Colorless case and pink insert Milk body and yellow insert


  • Seal type: Twist seal Twist seal
  • Material: Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
  • Temperature range of application: from –50°С to + 120°С from –50°С to + 120°С
  • Dimensions, mm 36,9х27х14,5 36,9х27х14,5
  • Hole diameter, mm: 1,1 1,1
  • Lock type: ratchet mechanism with 2-bladed rotor ratchet mechanism with 2-bladed rotor


The Lumiseal twist seal is made of polycarbonate and consists of two pre-installed parts: the case and the rotor with catches featuring the unique number. It is applied by laser, which virtually eliminates the threat of counterfeiting or replacing the seal number. The rotor of the seal can only be rotated clockwise, so you can be sure that once the seal is installed, no one can open it without leaving visible signs of tampering.

An additional degree of protection is marking applied by laser through the thickness of the seal surface. Thus, it cannot be erased, removed, or counterfeited. The unique number is applied on the case and the inner rotor, so no one can replace any part of the seal. Additionally, your company logo, QR, and bar codes can be marked on the case catch.

Advantages of the twist seal Lumiseal:

  • Perfect solution for hard-to-reach facilities
  • Glows under the UV light 
  • The rotor is recessed in the case for extra protection
  • Patented product from the manufacturer

The tamper-evident seal Lumiseal is used for:  

  • household and industrial metering devices
  • containers, packaging
  • vehicles, fuel tanks
  • safes
  • various premises, etc.

The installation involves a few simple steps - it is required to insert the rope into the opening of the seal on one side, pull it through the eyelets of the object, and insert the free end of the rope into the opening of the seal on the other side. Once the installation is complete, be sure to break off the catch so that intruders cannot affect the rotor part. 

The twist seal Lumiseal is actively used in banking, logistics, agricultural industry, gas stations, metering devices (gas, water, light), and other objects sealing.

"Lumisil" indicator seal – a highly reliable security device by Clixar company

"Lumisil" indicator seal belongs to the type of rotary seals. Structurally, it consists of two parts: a body and a rotor with flags. The principle of operation of the seal implies the presence of a special cable for sealing. They can be of different sizes and configurations. And the body itself is made of high-quality polycarbonate. The material is very strong and reliable. Also it has good resistance to environmental influences.

The "Lumisil" seal has a special laser marking with an individual number. It is applied both to the body and to the inner rotor. That is, it will be simply impossible to replace any of the parts of the seal. At your request, in addition to the number, you can put a logo, QR or the barcode of your company on the rotor.

Numbered rotor seal "Lumisil" features

"Lumisil" is an indicator seal with a high level of integrity. The seal's rotor can only be rotated in a clockwise direction. This guarantees that the seal cannot be removed without leaving visible signs of tampering. Here’s what are the features and advantages of the "Lumisil" seal by Clixar:

  • The rotor is recessed into the body for additional protection;
  • Glowing under ultraviolet light;
  • The diameter of the holes allows for the use of different cable sizes;
  • Ease of installation;
  • The highest level of protection.

Numbered rotor seals can be purchased to seal various objects such as meters, sensors, tanks, safes, containers and more. You can order them at a favorable price on the official website of our company.