Security seals for banks, cash collection, vaults




The operation of banks and other financial institutions is directly connected with the transportation of valuables and the transfer of large sums of money. Safety of money is the responsibility of both employees of cash offices of financial institutions, and employees of enterprises that perform their transportation. All items used to transport banknotes are subject to mandatory sealing. Seals for vaults are attached to cash-delivery bags, ATM cassettes, and doors of premises where money and other valuables are stored. Plastic, lead, and numbered types of seals are most commonly used for sealing. Clixar offers financial institutions the Bankseal tightening seal that was designed specifically for banks, as well as other tightening seals: Strela Lux, Strela V2, Strela V3. Latch seals, such as Garant and Carat, or rotary seals, like Lumiseal and Turbion, can be used also. In some cases, sticker seals are used — Barrier and Barrier-N.

All security seals for banks, cash collection, vaults meet modern standards and requirements. They are made of quality materials and have protection against counterfeiting. Thus, all seals guarantee a high degree of reliability.

Clixar bank security seals – reliable protection of valuable objects

In the banking and financial sector, it is important to ensure full control over the integrity of transported cargo more than in any other area. Large sums of money are often transported in cash-in-transit bags. The usage of security seals for banks provides additional guarantees of safety to both the institution’s employees and its clients.

In addition, banks and financial institutions often store many important documents that must be 100% secure. Security seals ensure the preservation of internal documentation and limit the access of unauthorized individuals to information about bank depositors. When an institution is ready to provide complete confidentiality and security for its clients’ data, it generates great trust. And the security seals for cash collection is best suited for these purposes.

What objects are suitable for plastic numbered seals?

One might think that metal seals inspire more trust, as this material is stronger and more durable. However, plastic seals for cash collection offer a large number of features that make it impossible to open them unnoticed or replace them with similar ones. Therefore, they are widely used in the banking and financial sector for stuff like:

  • Cash bags;
  • Containers;
  • Document bags;
  • Suitcases, briefcases, cases, bags, etc.

You can order plastic seals for banks, cash collection, vaults on our website. «Clixar» has a wide range of models for different purposes. We will be grateful to help you choose the most effective option for your situation.

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Security seals for banks, cash collection, vaults