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Nowadays, store shelves offer a variety and assortment of goods from all over the world, which is a joy to behold. Today’s grocery companies have arranged deliveries of gourmet and favorite products to the most remote localities. When it comes to the transportation of meat, fish, ham, and other products, packaged or unpackaged, reliable sealing is always important. It will protect the batch from unauthorized access and theft. A bill of lading with a seal number for food products is a guarantee of the safety of the goods for the shipper.

Tightening seals (as for Clixar products, these are Strela Lux, Strela V2, Strea V3, Bankseal, Postseal) are most commonly used for food products. Sticker seals such as Barrier and Barrier N are used more often for packaged goods due to the nature of packaging. If goods are transported by sea in containers and refrigerators, then bolt, rotary, and latch seals are used for large shipments.

Food refrigerators are also often sealed in the HoReCa industry to prevent theft and improper storage of food during working and non-working hours.

Security seals for food products produced by Clixar can be laser-marked through the seal’s surface with a unique number, as well as the customer’s logo and other information. This method eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting or replacement of the seal, and therefore the goods. Clixar sales managers can help you choose which type of seal is suitable for your goods.

Clixar numbered plastic seals for food products

Not a single company wants to operate at a loss. What’s the point of doing business then? Unfortunately, financial losses for entrepreneurs are inevitable and they depend on many factors. But some of these factors can be fought against (one of them is theft). You can ensure the safety of your products with a simple but very useful tool – security seals for food.

The sphere of use of security seals is not limited to banking, finance and logistics. They are widely used in sales, including to protect food products. Of course, you wouldn’t buy them for some cheap products, as their cost wouldn’t pay off. But it’s definitely worth buying a plastic seal for more expensive products. And you can do it profitably on the website of our

Which single-use seal is suitable for food products?

Perhaps you are wondering if plastic seals can be used with food products. But we will clear any doubt on this question. Definitely YES! Plastic seals for food products do not come into direct contact with the products, so they do not pose no threat. You can safely use them to ensure the safety of such expensive delicacies as ham, fish, meat and cheese.

Zip seals are perfect for food products. The company «Clixar» offers several models for this:

  • «Strela Lux»;
  • «Strela V2»;
  • «Strela V3»;
  • «Banksil»;
  • «Postsil».

You can choose the model you need, taking into account the features of product packaging. On the Clixar company’s website you can buy security seals for food products at a very favorable price. We invite you to our catalog!

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