Miniseal security seal

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Body color The Miniseal indicator seal is produced in the following colors: yellow and blue.


  • Material: АВS plastic АВS plastic
  • Size, mm: 21,5 х 11,0 х 2,5 21,5 х 11,0 х 2,5
  • Terms of Use: used together with key cases used together with key cases
  • Usage Temperature: from -40°С tо + 75°С from -40°С tо + 75°С


Miniseal is a disposable tamper-evident seal for sealing reusable sealable bags, safe containers, storage cases (for keys, plastic cards, etc.), special bags, and even covers on door locks with Revealaseal devices.

Most frequently this tamper-evident seal is used for the sealing of special bags - reusable sealable bags (RSB) that are intended for the storage and transportation of valuables, documents, keys, plastic cards, etc.

The tamper-evident seal Miniseal is the most appropriate solution for courier services, private security companies, security services, logistics, and transportation companies as well as archives. The seal protects against unauthorized access. In particular, it ensures that the courier will not be able to open the RSB on the way and keep the fact unnoticed.

Miniseal has a serial number set in an industrial process. Furthermore, the seal can have any markings applied that the customer requires. For example, it can be a company logo, which will be marked by laser.