Security seals for retail and online trade




The undamaged condition and the high-quality packaging of new goods for transportation are important both for the sender and the recipient of the parcel. High-quality packaging protects goods from damage and guarantees the recipient the quality of new goods, and the sender is protected against possible costs and fraud by recipients and other persons involved in the service provider-customer delivery chain. For example, many goods are non-refundable from the moment the seal is opened. This rule ensures the customer’s confidence that no one has opened the item before. And the sender is guaranteed against possible use, tampering, the substitution of goods, and many other risks are minimized by using the most reliable and effective ways to seal parcels.

Tightening security seals for retail are the most commonly used seals for goods sent by online stores (as to Clixar products, these are Strela Lux, Strela V2, Strela V3, Bankseal, Postseal). Sticker seals such as Barrier and Barrier-N d are used for packing boxes.

The type of seal that is suitable for a particular product can be determined by the type of the item to be sealed or packaging, as well as the transportation features. Our managers will help you choose the best quality, cost-effective and reliable way to seal your products.

Clixar plastic seals for the sales industry

The main purpose of plastic security seals is to ensure a certain level of safety for goods, equipment or other valuables. Outside of the logistics business, many company owners may not see the need to purchase these protective measures. However, as soon as they face financial losses due to inadequate protection of goods, they immediately change their opinion.

One of the areas of application for security plastic seals is online and offline sales. In online trading, the presence of a seal indicates to the customer that no one has opened the package before them. In offline sales, it ensures the safety and reliable protection of goods. Therefore, buying security seals for online trade is a really good idea!

Numbered security seals for retail and online trade: main types

Security seals ensure the safety and protection of goods, as well as prevent theft and fraud attempts. Nowadays there is a really huge number of seal devices. Their choice depends on the type and size of the protected object. In the retail sector people use the following types of security seals for retail and online trade:

  • Lead seals.
  • Snap seals.
  • Plastic seals.
  • Pull-tight seals.

Each type has its own design features and application. Accordingly, you can choose the model that best suits the type of activity of your enterprise. And the company «Clixar» is ready to offer you a wide range of disposable plastic seals for retail and online trade at very competitive prices.

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