Security seals for metering devices




The utility service providers have entrusted the supervision over observance of the operating rules applicable to metering devices to the inspectors of the service provider companies. It was their decision to set sealing as the mandatory condition for the usage of meters. This condition is primarily aimed to protect metering devices from fraud and theft.

Today, companies install different types of tamper-proof meter seals for water, gas, heating, and electricity meters. It all depends on the installation place and the design of the device, as well as the peculiarities of data reading. For example, an additional antimagnetic seal is installed in order to protect meters from the impact of the magnet. It will unmistakably show even the slightest fraudsters’ attempt to modify the actual readings. Latch seals (Garant, Carat) or rotary seals (Lumiseal and Turbion) are necessarily installed on metering devices in addition to antimagnetic seals such as Magnet and Magnet UV produced by Clixar. All of them ensure reliability, a high level of protection against counterfeiting, and meet international quality standards.

Meter seals - security solutions for metering, control, and measurement devices by Clixar

Sealing of energy resource metering devices is indeed very important. It is used to prevent consumers from dismantling the mechanism and changing the indicators. Consumers should know what devices to use for sealing energy, water, or gas meters to protect against losses.

One of the most effective and modern means is security seals for metering devices. They are usually installed during a long period of time. This requires certain requirements for the material of manufacture and the quality of marking. Since sealing holes on meters are usually very small, seals are used with a special wire. We understand that it may be difficult to understand some nuances. But you don’t need to worry because there is a company like ours, that offers its customers the highest quality and reliable security seals for meters.

Where can our security seals be used for a meter?

The company Clixar offers a wide range of products for sealing electrical appliances and meters. They are attached to the equipment using wire, fishing line or plastic cord. We will help you choose a seal, taking into account all the features of the device for which it is intended.

In our catalog, you will buy meter seals for:

  • Gas meters;
  • Power meters;
  • Water and heat meters.

All of our products meet all quality and safety standards. They can be used by both household consumers and companies of various activities. For each of you, we will select the best meter security seals.

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