What to do if the seal on the meter is ripped off?




Have you ever found a damaged seal on a meter? At this very point, a million questions come up, including where to go and how to fix it. After all, during the next inspection, you can get a formal note of breaking the seal, face resettlement of accounts for services from the date of the last actual verification of the meter, and an unnecessary hassle.

Damage to the seal means both a violation of the structural integrity (tearing or damage to the fastening, a breakage of the base), as well as color changes, complete or partial removal of the markings, the meter breakdown.

Scheduled meter inspections are carried out every few years, e.g. water and gas meters are checked once every 3 to 4 years. If damage to the seal is documented by the inspector, there is no way to avoid liability due to ignorance or negligence. The law requires not only to pay the difference according to the tariff, but also to compensate the cost of services for the examination, metrological verification, and repair of the metering device. It is highly recommended to prevent this from happening. It is better to regularly check all the fasteners and parts on the meters yourself. Especially if there are children and pets, or if you have had maintenance or renovation works done. 

Here are the recommended actions to be taken if you notice that the seals and fasteners are damaged:

  • it is necessary to promptly contact the company that you submit monthly meter readings to, write a statement about the breaking of the seal and damage to the meter;
  • file an application for inspection and sealing of the meter;
  • arrange with the inspector the appointment to replace the seal;
  • at the location, together with the inspector, draw up a report of the damage and a certificate of the seal removal.

After the installation of a new seal, it is required to draw up a certificate confirming the replacement. The Certificate of the seal installation is the document that protects you from possible disputes.

The paperwork and organizational procrastination cannot be avoided, however, it is important to go through all the stages as quickly as possible. Service providers have protected themselves as much as possible in this matter - there are remedies stipulated that range from criminal liability to fines. So be careful and monitor the condition of the metering devices. 

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