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When it comes to sealing objects, today there are about 100 types and varieties of seals on the Ukrainian market. More and more often they are used by service providers, entrepreneurs, individuals, and public utilities. The main purpose of the seals is to provide high-quality and effective protection against theft and tampering, as well as to prevent attempts of fraud. What types of seals to use in one situation or another? It all depends on the type and size of the object to be protected, its location, and external influencing factors. 

Let's start from the general to the particular. We will discuss the types of seals that are most commonly found on store shelves today and their intended purpose.

Clixar manufactures the following products:

  • Numbered seals (Arrow Lux, Postseal, Garant, Lumiseal, Magnet magnetic seals);
  • Tightening seals (Bankseal, Black Prince, Arrow Lux, Capseal);
  • Latch seals (Garant, Carat,);
  • Sticker seals (Barrier, Magnet antimagnetic seals (glowing under the UV rays);
  • Rotor seals (Lumiseal, Turbion);
  • Bolt seals (PTU, Neptune);
  • Cable seals (PGS locking device, PGK-15 tap locking device).  

What types of seals are used on meters more frequently today? 

It is impossible to give one definite answer to the question - which seals are better. To begin with, it depends on the location and the object on which the seal is to be installed. This is what the sales representative starts with when it is required to find the most effective and convenient option. Magnetic seals (tamper-evident seals) are mostly glued to the flat surfaces of metering devices for electricity, water, etc. They protect meters from deliberate theft. Polyethylene seals are designed for use in humid environments and help to extend the service life of the marking. Metal seals are mostly used on large objects (containers, locks) to ensure a secure fastening and protection against tampering. When it comes to sealing facilities, the appropriate choice is paper seals or tightening and latch seals if there is a need to connect multiple parts. The seal for the mail is, most often, a tightening or warranty seal. The former protects against tampering, the latter indicates the quality of the goods and is attached by the product manufacturer.

Types of seals

All seals manufactured by Clixar are numbered. The exception is lead ones. Numbered seals are used to seal various objects. At the same time, they are extremely effective when there is a requirement for strict accounting. What makes numbered seal stand out is that it has a special code that is duplicated on its various parts. Numbered seals are designed for one-time use, their replacement or counterfeiting is not possible.

Clixar self-sticking seals come in three types: MagneT, Barrier, and Barrier N. The seals are resistant to rapid temperature fluctuations due to the use of high-quality adhesive composition. They come in two varieties: those that leave a trace on the surface after removal and those that don't. Therefore, even if an intruder decides to temporarily unglue them from the object, it will not be possible to leave this fact unnoticed.

The Magnet is a seal that is impossible to circumvent because it features the capsule with the suspension that reacts to the use of the magnet, special numbering, and protection against temporary removal. The protective indicator is installed on the device by supervisory organizations to prevent theft, which is possible if an appliance with a magnet is used. Antimagnetic seals are installed on the gas meters, electricity meters, water meters, etc.

Clixar manufactures three types of rotor seals: security tamper-evident type, such as Lumiseal Plus, as well as Turbion, and Twisteiro. Rotary seals are used on objects that have ring eyelets. They are installed on electric meters, gas meters, water meters, fire extinguishers, offices, warehouses, containers, safes, elements of ATMs or terminals. The rotary seal can be also installed on the vehicle to control fuel consumption. Cash-in-transit couriers use rotary seals for bags of money, and the seal on the container reliably stores the contents until the shipment to the customer.

Clixar bolt seals or lock and seal devices are seals that are characterized by a high degree of protection against tampering and damage. They act as a disposable lock and are used for sealing railway and maritime containers, vehicles, wagons, warehouses, and process rooms.

Clixar latch seals Garant, Carat – consist of two elements. Their parts form a lock, which fixes the sealing wire. Most often latch seals are installed on water, light, and gas meters, transformer substation units, metering devices, and facilities of housing and public utilities. Rotary seals on the meters ensure the reliability of the locking mechanism and the maximum protection against counterfeiting.

Cable seals are designed to seal cap nuts to prevent their twisting and disconnection of pipes, removal of gas meters, and installation of jumpers for bypass devices, as well as to protect valves of taps that supply gas or water to facilities. The main reason for installing cable seals on pipes is to protect meters of gas, water, electricity, and other resources from unauthorized modification. 

Types of seals for water meters. The most effective seals for water meters are considered antimagnetic seals. It is so because they help not just identify, but also to protect from fraud attempts on the part of the consumer. Plastic numbered seals, rotary numbered seals, and power seals are installed on meters in addition to antimagnetic seals. Such seals, among other things, act as a lock.

Types of seals on electric meters. Plastic seals, such as latch seals, rotary seals, and others, are used to seal these meters. Despite the fact that it is difficult to circumvent modern devices, many consumers are still trying to do it with a magnet. Therefore, inspectors glue additional antimagnetic seals on the meter.

Seals for gas meters can be of plastic, rotary, or antimagnetic type. The latter is considered one of the most reliable indicators of tampering with metering devices.


Additional services and options for customers

Your seals can be unique and special. You can order seals with customized markings, logos, and other corporate information by contacting our sales representatives. It is important to note that there is a minimum order requirement for each position. A huge range of seals in color has been developed for the comfort of the customers. Green, yellow, red, blue, or transparent plastic seals can be selected depending on the attachment spot and the need to mark the seal location. 

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