Types of plastic seals and its application




Disposable plastic seals are modern and effective solutions that are frequently used by various companies and households in their activities. Thanks to their low cost, wide range of applications and reliability, nowadays they are in high demand.

There are a large number of different models of seals available. They all differ in construction, usage features and purpose. Thanks to such a wide range of these security devices, today it is possible to select the most effective solution for each field, taking into account all the characteristics of the object to be sealed. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of disposable seals and where you can use them.

What are the different types of disposable numbered seals?

Numbered seals can be applied almost anywhere. Although they are most often used in places where strict control is necessary. Their main feature is the presence of a unique code on the seal. In some models, it may be duplicated on different parts of the seal. The code is a digital sequence that is not repeated on any other model. Thanks to this, replacement or forgery of the seal is100%  impossible.

Based on their operating principle, there are several large groups of popular plastic seals:

  1. Cable-tie seals. The name of this type of seal indicates that its principle of operation involves tightening it on an object. It is a cast construction consisting of a tail with notches and a metallic tong lock. This type of seal is most often used to seal small safes, bags (including those with cash), boxes, warehouses and luggage compartments, as well as packages with goods.
  2. Latch seals. They are installed on an object using an additional cable that is clamped by inserting the seal (latches onto). The seal consists of two main parts: a transparent plastic body and an insert with a locking mechanism that is inserted into it. The latch is securely fixed inside the case and after that it is impossible to remove the insert or the sealing cable without destroying the seal's construction. Latch seals are usually used for electricity meters, gas and water meters, fire extinguishers, office and warehouse doors.
  3. Rotary seals. This model consists of a rotating rotor and a transparent plastic body. They are used together with a sealing cable that can be of different sizes and diameters. The rotor seal is equipped with a ratcheting lock that allows it to rotate only in one direction. Once the seal is fixed, it is impossible to remove it without visible signs of tampering. This model is ideal for sealing meters, fire extinguishers, safes, containers and tanks.

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