Rotor seals




The rotary seal owes its appearance on the market, first of all, to lead seals.  And all because the latter could not provide a high degree of protection. Furthermore, there was a need to simplify the sealing process as much as possible and to abandon the use of a special sealing tool, which left a special impression on the lead disk when it was attached.

What is a modern rotary seal? The design of the seal is quite simple but at the same time highly effective with a significant degree of reliability. With the aim to ensure protection against counterfeiting, the manufacturer applies a unique serial number on the case and rotor, as well as the required individual marking on the customer's request.

Clixar produces three types of rotary seals: Lumiseal tamper-evident security seal, Turbion tamper-evident security seal, and Twister tamper-evident security seal.

The Clixar rotary control seal is made of high-quality plastic. It consists of two parts: the rotating rotor and a transparent plastic case. Reliable fixation of the two elements is provided by a ratchet lock, which is screwed in a clockwise direction. Parts of the seal are attached to the object with two pairs of holes and the sealing rope of different diameters and configurations that runs through them.

Installing the seal is very simple. Having rotated the rotor with the handle (leaf), wind the wire on the rotor and tighten it. After the final fixation on the object, the leaf handle is broken off. After that, it is impossible to remove the wire and attach new parts to the seal. Furthermore, it is impossible to remove the rotor from the case without damaging the base of the seal.

The rotary seal is used with a wire on objects that have eyelets. The scope of application is extremely large. It is installed on electric meters, gas meters, water meters, fire extinguishers, office doors, containers, safes, elements of ATMs or cash deposit machines, cash-delivery bags, tanks, fuel systems, vehicles, and warehouses.You can purchase rotary seals by placing an order on the Clixar website.

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