Paper seals for the meter: pros and cons




What are the first things that come to mind when you hear about paper seals? Perhaps, it is a door, paper stickers, sealing wax, or plasticine. This was how rooms were sealed since the middle of the 20th century. How effective such seals really were is questionable. It was more of a psychological trick than a way to protect valuables. Paper stickers and sealing wax could not do the job. Technological progress responded very quickly and offered a better alternative. Primitive tools were replaced by modern label seals, or as they are also called paper sticker seals. Their main distinguishing feature is consecutive numbering and additional security features against counterfeiting. It is impossible to remove them and keep this unnoticed. They have become unique. Read our review to know what seals are available on the market today and what advantages paper stickers from Clixar have to offer. 

Paper seals are one type of disposable stickers with a number, which are used most often to seal objects that do not feature holes and eyelets for connecting parts.    

Today, Magnet antimagnetic seals, as well as seals of the Barrier and Barrier-N types have the widest market presence.

Magnet is an antimagnetic seal that is simple in appearance, but highly sophisticated from a technical point of view. It is protected against any attempts of counterfeiting or tampering. First of all, such safety is achieved through a capsule with a suspension that reacts to the use of a magnet, as well as special numbering and protection against temporary removal from a metering device. Most often it is used to prevent theft, which is possible through the use of various devices equipped with a magnet. It is installed on the gas, electricity, and water meters.  

Barrier is a paper seal, which is frequently used for protection against unauthorized access to the premises and objects of high importance. It is produced in several sizes for maximum ease of installation: 60x20mm (2.36x079"), 100x20 mm (3.94x0.79"). They are used in areas where the elements of the object are located close to each other and remain stationary throughout the useful life of the seal. Such seals are marked with a laser, which helps protect the data from deliberate erasure and forgery. To prevent the use of dummy seals, the manufacturer has provided a hidden inscription "Opened". It becomes visible when an attempt is made to tear or replace the seal. In general, the main function of the Barrier sticker seal is to warn intruders of their responsibility to tamper with the equipment. 

Barrier N is an analog of the Barrier seal in the lower cost segment. This is achieved due to the application of a special technology for applying the number and logo - thermal transfer printing. This ensures anti-counterfeiting and durability features of the seal. Due to the use of high-quality adhesive composition Barrier-N became even more resistant to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, even if an intruder decides to remove it off the meter, the hidden inscription "STOP" will appear which indicates an attempt to hide the actual readings on the device. In such cases, you will not be able to fool the inspector. 

There are two types of Barrier and Barrier-N paper seals: those that leave or do not leave a mark on the surface after removal. Sales representatives of Clixar, the manufacturer, will help you choose the option that is suitable for your purposes. In fact, paper seals are used for meters as an additional element of protection in most situations. They help to determine effectively the condition of the meter through visual inspection and detect attempts to modify the actual readings on the meter. Then it's up to the inspectors. They draw up certificates of tampering with equipment operation and submit materials to law enforcement agencies to establish the extent of damage caused to the company and impose a fine on the violator.

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