Numbered seals




The main advantage of modern seals and the feature that makes them stand out from unsophisticated lead seals is the customized marking. Such an obvious invention as the numbered seal has solved a number of important issues for the customers, including protection against counterfeiting, and reassurance in the security of valuable goods and facilities. Disposable numbered seals, or, as they are also called, self-adhesive numbered seals have become widely used to monitor attempts to tamper with metering devices, the integrity of packaging, and unauthorized access to the premises. Their installation does not require special skills and additional devices. Numbers are applied directly to the parts of plastic seals of various types and designs.

All types of seals produced by Clixar are numbered. The exception is lead seals - in this case, the pattern is applied at the time the seal is attached to the object of sealing with the help of the sealing tool. Each numbered seal has its own unique customized marking of letters and numbers. It is applied by laser, through the thickness of the seal surface. This ensures the utmost security and protection of the object of sealing. For example, each numbered rotary seal is marked on several elements, so it can not be counterfeited. It is also impossible to buy a security indicator with the required number. This type of fraud will be immediately obvious through visual inspection. A specialist will easily distinguish a duplicate from the original. First of all, it is due to the technology of the number application. The factory equipment settings are obviously superior to those of the devices used by the amateurs targeting easy profits.

Clixar provides its customers with a unique service of customized marking. Additional marking is offered with the orders for more than 2,000 seals of the same type. They are marked with the company name and/or logo, contacts, QR code, and other information that is important for the customer. It is essential to take into account the size of the seal and the space available for data application. 

Security number seals are certified and manufactured from environmentally friendly polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, and paper. All the materials are compliant with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Depending on the fastening type, seals are classified as rotary, latch, and tightening ones. Clixar also produces stickers, including antimagnetic seals, with different indication methods after removal. 

To purchase a Clixar numbered seal, and to order a customized marking for your business, visit, or send an email to the company sales representative via [email protected].

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