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Using metal seals to seal facilities, items, and premises for business purposes is becoming a less common practice nowadays. There are several reasons for this. Metal seals provide minimal protection against theft and counterfeiting, and lead seals are made from raw materials that are hazardous to the environment. And in most cases, additional devices - sealing tools should be used to install/remove this type of seals. This makes it very complicated to work at the sites. One of the most common alternatives is plastic seals with laser marking. Currently, metal seals are mostly used only in certain cases where plastic can not provide quality sealing. The company produces four types of metal seals: lead seals,  Neptune security seals, PTU, and Clipseal.

Leas seals are the most well-known and most common type of disposable metal seals. They are used to seal premises, vehicles, various containers. Lead seals are hardly ever used for sealing meters. They look like a disc with a diameter of 8 mm (0.3”) and 10 mm (0.39”) that features a through-hole. One side of them is used to secure the wire or special twine, and there is a hole for the knot on the other side. During its installation, the object is wrapped with a sealing wire, which is pulled through the holes and clamped with a sealing tool. The marking is made with a special imprint, which is placed on the locking device.

Neptune security seals belong to the category of single-use bolt security means. They are characterized by a high level of reliability and protection. Most often they are used for sealing containers, cargo vehicles, warehouse doors, storage facilities with holes in the locking units of up to 10 mm (0.39”). The diameter of a steel bolt without plastic is 8 mm (0.3”). It is made of galvanized mild steel wrapped in ABS. While the lead seal is removed with wire cutters, the Neptune type seals can be removed with bolt cutters only. 

PTU is security bolt seals that are used as versatile devices that enable users to ensure protection against unauthorized access to cargo vehicles, warehouses, storage facilities, as well as various commercial facilities, which have sealing holes with a diameter of 2.2 mm (0.9") to 6.0 mm (0.24").  

Clipseal tamper-evident security seals are one type of latches. According to experts, additional advantages of this seal include resistance to corrosion and corrosive environment, which makes it possible to use this product in the premises with high humidity or outdoors, and convenient tape packing.

The low price and ease of use make this control tool popular when sealing inexpensive goods, parcels, meters, scales, as well as vehicles. The seal can be removed with pliers or scissors designed to cut the wire. It is impossible to remove the seal without visible damage. 

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