Seal installation: is it possible to replace a damaged seal with a new one and keep the fact unnoticed?




Sealing of metering devices is a prerequisite for their use. If you want to pay for the actual volume of resources consumed, rather than the average tariff for each tenant, please comply with the requirements. The charges for services are calculated based on the readings only from the date when the certificate of meter sealing is signed.  

Persons authorized to remove the seals from the meter

Only employees of the service provider are authorized to remove and install the seals. Everything is clear with the initial installation of the seal (new meter - protective element - payment for the service). When it comes to the replacement, it is performed only in case of damage to the structure or fastening of the seal. The seal replacement is performed after a certificate is drawn up at the location where the meter is installed. It is mandatory to specify the series, the number of the new seal, and the reason for replacement. If the damage was the fault of the homeowner, and it has not

If you notice that the seal is damaged, immediately report it to the company that installed it. First of all, it is to your advantage if you do not want to pay a fine and get a recalculation for the entire period of service consumption.

You should not remove or open protective indicators on meters on your own without a good reason. Restoring the seal is also impossible.

Do not try to remove and reattach the seal parts - it is impossible to do it unnoticed: modern seals are very strong and highly secure. It is impossible to open them without damaging the structure. The same is applicable to replacing them with another one, similar in appearance. Each seal is marked with a unique number, which is indicated in the certificate of the meter verification. Attempts to change the serial number will also be unsuccessful. Laser marking is used on each seal to protect it against tampering and erasure of primary information. 

In most cases, the owner does not need to remove the seals. The exceptions are the cases when the meter needs to be replaced, moved to another location, to be repaired, or the seal on the meter was torn off. If this is your case, there are a number of important nuances that should definitely be considered.

Be sure to call the supervisory company so that the inspector draws up a report and removes the seal.

How to remove the seal from the water, gas, and electricity meters?

If your meter is equipped with a rotary, lead, latch seal, or valve locking device, it will be removed with a wire cutter. In the case of stickers, everything is simple - they are removed from the meter by lifting one of the corners with a sharp object. A plastic seal (rotor or latch) and antimagnetic seal are usually installed on the water, gas, and electricity meters.

It is impossible to dismantle the meters of water, gas, light, etc.. without damaging the seal. So we do not recommend removing them on your own, as you may be penalized for this. After all the works are completed, it is required to call the supervising specialists and the inspector again. They will check if the equipment is in good working order and seal everything according to legal requirements.

Clixar seals are securely attached to items and facilities. They are made from durable materials and provide multiple levels of protection against counterfeiting.

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