How to circumvent the antimagnetic seal




Every year utility rates continue to grow. In an effort to reduce costs and "rewind the meter", opportunistic craftsmen come up with unusual, and sometimes very weird devices. There is a new challenge discussed online - how to circumvent the antimagnetic seal. In this article, we will explain how the sticker seal with a capsule operates, and why it is not recommended to experiment with the magnet.

An antimagnetic seal or antimagnetic indicator is installed for the sole purpose of tracking down violators who want to modify/decrease the actual meter reading. 

The Magnet seal: how it looks like

It is basically a small sticker with a magnetically sensitive indicator (capsule) on the outer surface.

The effectiveness of the antimagnetic security indicator is associated with several technical solutions that make it impossible to circumvent and "deactivate" it.

And here's why:

 –  Modern stickers feature a capsule with a special suspension that changes the arrangement of the particles inside under the influence of various magnetic fields. This means that as soon as a magnet is used - the contents of the capsule will definitely reveal it;
– Manufacturers of the inspection tools have thoughtfully produced a capsule that is easily deformed under external impact or heat exposure. Therefore, it is a useless idea to tear, heat, or relocate it, as well as to remove it. The seal and the capsule have the same unique number, as well as a hidden inscription "opened/open", which appears when someone is trying to remove the indicator from the sealed item. Furthermore, it does not disappear again in the case the indicator is re-attached. Therefore, circumvention of the antimagnetic seal is impossible.

– It cannot be replaced by a fake or duplicate seal: each seal has its own unique number, and any routine inspection will detect a fake seal. And this means criminal liability. 

Whatever lifehack on how to stop/slow down the operation of meters with antimagnetic seals with various devices and magnets is recommended to you, it is not possible. The seal is sure to "report" the inspector about everything.  

Things to remember

Only an employee of the maintenance company - the service provider is eligible to install the seals on the meter. A certificate shall be drawn up on-site describing the type of sticker, number and series indicated on the seal and stipulating the terms of use of the meter.

In Ukraine, there is a penalty for trying to " modify" the actual readings of the meter with the antimagnetic seal. In accordance with the Law “On Commercial Metering of Heat Energy and Water Supply", a company can be charged based on a court decision from 2,000-3,000 UAH up to 150,000 UAH and even more for damage of the antimagnetic seal and deliberate non-payment for utility services consumed.

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