Enhancing security with modern sticker seals




Modern sticker seals are used primarily for additional protection of objects, as well as in cases where the object has no connectable parts and it is impossible to install latch or rotor seals. Security stickers can be successfully attached to any flat surface - glass, wood, plastic objects, metal, paper, and rubber. 

Sticker seals are made of high-quality specially treated material with the adhesive substance applied. Such disposable seals are used to protect premises, containers, crates, various sensors, and storage capacities from unauthorized access.

Important advantages that should be mentioned include the ease of use and resistance to sharp temperature fluctuations. A sudden change of air temperature doesn't influence quality that's why if you see an unglued or destroyed seal you can be confident that the object was tampered with. 

The last point does not apply to the warranty seal. It is a self-destructing sticker, or as it is also called, a warranty sticker, which is intended for one-time use and, in general, is a control tag with an adhesive layer.

Antimagnetic seals (MagneT) and tamper-evident  sticker seals made of polyester - Barrier and Barrier-N (60x20mm (2.36x079"), 100x20 mm (3.94x0.79")) - are the most well-known Clixar sticker seals in the market. 

It is important to emphasize the multi-level protection of the stickers against counterfeiting. It was achieved through the use of magnetic suspension in antimagnetic seals, special wear-resistant markings, and a hidden inscription "opened", which appears in the case of an attempt to remove the indicator from the sealed object.

It is important to adhere to a few simple rules to properly attach the sticker. It should be attached at above-zero temperature, and (the surface that the seal will be attached to should be flat and grease-free). There are two types of seals - those that leave or do not leave a mark after removal.

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