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According to statistics, most certificates of malfunctioning meters that inspectors draw up are related to the use of devices with magnets and the installation of dummies. Consumers' attempts to deceive utility companies and not pay for consumed services encouraged the latter to come up with new highly reliable methods of controlling the consumption of resources. So an antimagnetic seal for the meter was invented. It is successfully installed on water, gas, and electricity meters.

The antimagnetic seal is a modern solution that ensures protection against theft of electricity, water, gas, etc. A small sticker is attached to the meter and used as an indicator of the impact on the meter. The use of magnetic stickers guarantees the high accuracy of utility consumption indicators.

What an antimagnetic sticker looks like

Despite the simple design, an antimagnetic seal is a complex device that performs a number of protective functions. It looks like a small sticker with a special strip or capsule with antimagnetic suspension in it. It is usually glued as an additional security element on electric meters and other devices that can be stopped by the magnet. Each seal is always marked with a serial number and has an additional system of protection against damage. In combination, all these options enable the antimagnetic tape to effectively monitor the operation of the meter.

Types of antimagnetic seals

The manufacturer of Clixar seals has expanded the range of this type and brought two new products to market: the MagneT antimagnetic seals with glow under UV rays and without it.

The Magnet antimagnetic tape is a sticker with a capsule and a unique number that contains a special magnetic suspension. The sticker is protected from damage and temporary removal. For this purpose, it has a hidden inscription "OPENED" that appears only when an attempt is made to tear the indicator from the meter. This inscription cannot be hidden if one wishes to conceal an attempt to remove the seal from the meter. 

Magnet is an anti-magnetic tape featuring the unique technology - Extra Light and UV Protect (with glow under UV rays). In addition to the aforementioned properties of the MagneT seal, Magnet v.3 is enhanced by a special suspension that glows under UV light (both during the day and in the dark). It is placed in a capsule of polymeric material, which deforms under the external influence or from excessive heat, thus informing the inspectors of the attempt to modify the meter readings.

The design of the protective sticker seal provides high sensitivity starting from 50 mT and 100 mT. This means that even a slight impact on the meter will affect the integrity of the capsule with magnetic particles.

With a comprehensive approach, this seal provides the most effective protection against theft and attempts to modify the readings of the actual consumption of services on gas, water, and electricity meters.

How the antimagnetic seal operates

The antimagnetic seal with a unique number acts as an indicator. Due to the capsule with a magnetic suspension, which irreversibly changes its shape under the impact of constant, alternating, and electric magnetic fields, it is really difficult to detect a deliberate modification of readings on the meter. The impact of the magnetic field causes the destruction of the indicator. It is this fact that later becomes the reason for drawing up a report on the violation of the meter terms of use.

Can the antimagnetic seal be counterfeited or circumvented?

You cannot remove the seal from the meter yourself without damaging its integrity. It is also impossible to prevent the capsule acting as the indicator from operation while using magnets. Any attempt to modify the actual readings on a meter leads to irreversible fines, criminal and administrative liability. The era of magnetic devices is over with the advent of antimagnetic seals.

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