• icon Possibility of installation on new plastic faucets with lock
  • icon Self-locking lock
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color The Capsil seal is produced in the following colors: white and yellow.


  • Seal type: tightening seal tightening seal
  • Material: Polyethylene Polyethylene
  • Temperature range of application: from –50°С to + 75°С from –50°С to + 75°С
  • Length, mm: 237 237
  • Outer diameter of the cup, mm: 40 40
  • Inner diameter of cup 1, mm: 36.3 36.3
  • Inner diameter of cup 2, mm: 36.8 36.8
  • Cup hole diameter, mm: 7 7
  • Lock type: Cast lock that works on the principle of a two-lobed collet Cast lock that works on the principle of a two-lobed collet


The tightening seal Capseal is made of polyethylene and designed specifically for gas cylinders. These seals have a one-piece tightening-type case structure, which consists of a round bowl, a locking mechanism, and a tail part. The bowl covers the side of the valve to prevent the possibility of connecting a tube to it and pumping out the gas.

The internal locking mechanism operates based on a three-leaf collet and is protected from external mechanical impacts. The ribbed tail ensures reliable fixation of the seal on the cylinder preventing reversal movement of the tail. Additional protection provided for Clixar tamper-evident seals is a special laser marking applied through the thickness of the surface. It cannot be erased, replaced, or counterfeited without leaving obvious visible marks. Using the same method, the customized number is applied to the Capseal bowl, thus eliminating the possibility of replacing the seal and providing a convenient accounting option. Additionally, the marking can include your company logo, QR, and bar codes.

Capseal is a tightening seal that features the following advantages:

  • It can be installed on new plastic taps with a clamp
  • Self-locking mechanism
  • Patented product from the manufacturer

To install the seal on the tap, put the cup on the side of the valve, wrap the tail part around the valve, put it through the lock, and tighten it.

The Capseal tightening seal can be used in any industry where gas cylinders, valves are used: in industrial settings, households, and other areas.