Security sticker seal Barrier

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  • icon The appearance of a hidden inscription “OPEN OPENED”
  • icon Dedicated signature box
  • icon Patented products from the manufacturer

Body color The seal sticker Barrier is made in the following colors: blue and red.

Insert color Seal sticker Barrier is produced in the following sizes: 60x20 and 100x20.


  • Seal type: Sticker seal Sticker seal
  • Size, mm: 60х20 or 100х20 60х20 or 100х20
  • Temperature range of application: from -50 ° С to + 60 ° С from -50 ° С to + 60 ° С
  • Installation temperature range: from + 5 ° С to + 50 ° С from + 5 ° С to + 50 ° С
  • Adhesion time to the sealed surface: 5 minutes 5 minutes


Barrier is a tamper-evident sticker seal made of polyester.  

It has a unique number that is helpful in identifying the seal.

The tamper-evident seal Barrier is available in two sizes: 60x20mm (2.36x079") and 100x20 mm (3.94x0.79"). Also, customers can choose whether the sticker will leave a mark on the surface after removal or not. 

Any attempt to remove the sticker will result in the "OPENED" inscription being displayed. Furthermore, this inscription cannot be concealed later on. This is the reason the seal cannot be reused.

It can be applied on plastic, metal, glass, and painted surfaces.  

Here are some advantages of Barrier, s sticker seal manufactured by Clixar:

  • Displaying the hidden "OPENED" inscription
  • The special window for the signature 
  • Patented product from the manufacturer

The Barrier sticker seals are used for sealing: 

  • containers
  • packaging
  • doors of premises
  • metering devices
  • fuel tanks
  • any cargo and other objects with stationary sealing elements

To seal an object or premises with a Barrier seal-sticker, it is necessary to degrease the surface with an ethanol-based liquid, remove the seal from the base, attach it to the object, smooth it out, and wait for 5 minutes. 

Seal stickers Barrier are used in the transportation of goods, transportation of valuable things, in agriculture, for sealing the premises, gates, electrical panels, and other items and objects.

"Barrier" security seal by Clixar – reliability and ease of use

"Barrier" indicator seal is designed to visually warn intruders about the responsibility for attempting unauthorized access to the object. It allows visually recording an attempt of illegal penetration and taking all necessary measures immediately.

"Barrier" seal sticker is made of polyester. It has a unique number that helps to identify it. The seal is manufactured in two different sizes and you can choose the one that best suits the specifics of the object for sealing. You can also choose whether the sticker will leave a trace on the surface of the object after it is removed or not.

"Barrier" Seals-Stickers features

"Barrier" indicator seal-sticker can be used in places where the elements of the sealed object are located close to each other and are immobile. Among all types of security seals, this model is the simplest to install. It simply needs to be stuck on the object. If someone tries to remove the sticker, the warning inscription “OPENED” appears. And it cannot be hidden. Shortly about other advantages of the Barrier indicator seal-sticker include:

  • The ability to use it on different surfaces;
  • The presence of a special window for signing;
  • The use of sequential, non-repeating numbering;
  • The ability to use it in a wide temperature range.

Seal-stickers can be used in various fields: in agriculture, public utilities, transportation, etc. You can order the "Barrier" seal-sticker on the website of Clixar company at a very favorable price.